Couples Therapy

Pre-marital Counseling

Pre-marital counseling is encouraged to explore the individual expectations and potential problem areas prior to entering marriage. Healthy communication skills, including conflict resolution, will be discussed and practiced. It is recommended that couples enter into pre-marital counseling before or soon after engagement. By attending at least four sessions, couples are eligible to receive an Oklahoma marriage license at a reduced cost of $5.

Marital Therapy 

If you are married or in a long-term committed relationship, you’re going to argue at some point. It’s the nature of humans to struggle to get along! And when arguments occur over a long period of time, couples begin to see each other as enemies rather than as friends or lovers. This is when they need help; however, research has shown that the average couple waits anywhere from 4-6 years from the time they know they need help before they seek it.

Marital Therapy, also called “Marriage Counseling,” “Couples Therapy,” or some similar name, is a form of therapy attended by both partners. Couple arguments, if not addressed, will put a big strain on a marriage. The turmoil from the arguments doesn’t always come from something a partner did wrong, but rather from how one partner interprets the words or actions of the other. These interpretations of current words or actions are influenced by many factors including past traumatic events, life experiences, and relationship history. Once these patterns are ingrained in the spouses, their reactions to each other are almost predetermined and expected by the other to the point of arguments (even over small topics) becoming escalated and further damage to the relationship being done. Couple are almost incapable of stopping these patterns on their own without help from someone trained to see them.

Marital Therapists are trained to see these patterns and to help couples understand how they developed and how they are maintained. This process can last anywhere from 8 – 20 sessions depending on how long the couple has been in their negative pattern.

Marital Therapy can help couples learn to change those dynamics which often lead to emotional distance, loss of love, infidelity, or other relationship difficulties. Communication skills are a staple of traditional couples therapy as “communication” is often the most cited reason for a couple seeking help. If you and your partner are experiencing relationship problems to the point of frequent arguments, distance, and hurt, or if you are experiencing the devastation of infidelity, call or email us today!